HSU Green Zone

A Green Zone is a location recognized by veterans as a safe place.

The goal of the Green Zone program is to provide a safe space for student veterans and service members, whether on campus or online.

Highlights of Green Zone training include:

 How to identify student veterans and understand their
 Understanding military experience and the cycle of deployments
 Understanding the strengths of veterans in the classroom
 Understanding the challenges veterans face in the classroom
 Identifying resources available to student veterans such as
disability, health, tutoring services, and more
 What questions should and should not be asked to veterans
 Discussion of typical scenarios student veterans face and how to
appropriately navigate them

Green Zone advocates are staff and faculty who:

 Understand military culture
 Are aware of the issues and barriers faced by
student veterans and their families
 Are available to listen and assist student veterans
and their families
 Know when and how to approach a student veteran
 Can refer to appropriate services as needed

Humboldt State University offers a training program for staff and faculty to become Green Zone Advocates.
Graduates of the Green Zone training program will proudly display the Green Zone logo in the office or in the syllabus.