HSU VETS Outdoor Program

HSU VETS Outdoor Program

The transition program at Humboldt State University embraces the values and strives for the outcomes of Adventure based practices and Wilderness Therapies. Our Adventure based programs are concerned with intention. That intention is the transition provided by the program, to the benefit of participants. Our programs have been created to provide an experiential learning environment which has been defined as "a learning process that happens for an individual involved in a direct experience." Our program provides this direct experience by building a connection with nature that each individual can use to learn to find their spiritual space, to manage stressors and perceived or real challenges of civilian life. Stehno (1986), in reviewing seven models of experiential learning indicated that each includes: 

  • 1) action that creates an experience, 
  • 2) reflection on the action and experience, 
  • 3) abstractions drawn from the reflection, 
  • 4) application of the abstraction to a new experience or action.
    We marry Experiential Learning with Experiential Education which is about the trans active process between educator and learner. Our programs use the environment and being immersed in nature to provide the Experiential Education. In this environment the use of self-reflection combined with the spiritual elements of nature aids in providing individuals with transition management skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can participate?
Any current or new student who is a veteran, servicemember, reservist; or a spouse or child of a veteran, service member or reservist.

2. Can I bring anyone?  

Yes, we welcome your partner, spouse, friend, whoever supports you while you’re in school; provided there is space.

3. How many people go on these trips?

12-15 including mentors and staff from VETS.

4. Does it cost anything? 

VETS provides all food, transportation, equipment and guides. Rental equipment is available for each program. If you need to rent equipment we'll help you get set up. Just call the office, stop by, or email us at vets@humboldt.edu. Please be sure to title the subject of the email with the name of the trip you are signed up and need gear for and your name.

5. What happens if it’s raining? 

We get rained on.

6. Can I go twice? 

We would like participants to come back for a second trip as mentors. So yes!

7. Can I drive my own car?

Yes, if the program allows and you complete the Defensive Driver Training you can drive your own car. Check the program description to see if "carpooling*" is indicated. Complete the Defensive Driver Training

with the following information:

  1. Full Name
  2. Phone Number
  3. the trip you want to join
  4. need gear?
  5. can you drive