Campus Services

The Veterans Themed Living Group has apartments in Trinity in the Canyon Creek apartments. A single unit with shared living space are available to Veterans. Many of the Realtors as well as Humboldt State’s Housing office list rentals too.  

Student Disability Resource Center
The type and amount of support services and accommodations provided to students with disabilities are determined by the campus director. Accommodations are intended to ensure equal or equivalent access and opportunity to all college programs and activities, whether they are curricular or co-curricular. The intent is to provide an equivalent academic experience and learning opportunity.

Humboldt Community Resource List (April 2019 - 7th edition)
A current list of all available resources available in Humboldt County.

Mental Health
Humboldt County boasts 12,000 veterans and we take your health very seriously. We have a strong network of organizations and agencies who serve veterans strive to provide quality services. Humboldt State VETS is part of this network and we will work with you to make sure your physical and mental health needs are met.

Additional Services

Community Services
Meet the Staff and leaders of our different Veterans Agencies. They are dedicated to helping veterans and creating a supportive network in Humboldt County.

CNG Education Assistance Award Program
If you are an active member in the California National Guard, the State Military Reserve, or the Naval Militia you may be eligible for a state-funded program designed to provide an educational incentive to improve your skills, competencies, and abilities.

Distinguished Veteran California State Parks Pass
California residents that are eligible to receive a Distinguished Veteran Pass are: disabled war veterans, former prisoners of war, or recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor. This entitles the holder to use all basic California State Park-operated facilities at no charge.

Original Patriots
When America joined the Allies in World War II in 1941, over 25,000 Native American people joined the war effort. Although their stories are rarely told, they are part of "The Greatest Generation."

North Coast Stand Down
The North Coast Stand Down reaches out to local veterans and their families to provide them with direct access to service providers and information at a state, federal, and local level. We strive to promote a safe, supportive environment for North Coast veterans through increased community awareness of their military service and support for their rehabilitation.