Future Students

Getting Started Checklist

California State University Application Procedure

  • Apply for admissions via the online application, Cal State Apply. You will need to submit official transcripts from all prior institutions. If you do not hear anything from the university within four weeks, please call the VETS office at (707)826-6272. We also recommend you begin the process of applying for your Montgomery GI Bill® educational benefits.


VETS.GOV - the VA Benefits Application Procedure

  • Veterans may apply initially for their educational benefits by completing the online application. Paper applications are available at Veterans Enrollment and Transition Services in the Lower Library, Room 55 or online via vets.gov Please consult a VA representative or staff in the VETS office prior to applying if you have any questions about eligibility, school, cost of attendance, or the application process.


FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid

  • Federal Student Aid, an office of the U.S. Department of Education, ensures that all eligible individuals can benefit from federally funded financial assistance for education beyond high school. They consistently champion the promise of postsecondary education to all Americans —and its value to our society. Please complete the online application at www.fafsa.ed.gov


CVFW - Cal Vet Fee Waiver - RENEWABLE every year.

  • Write your HSU ID# at the top of your award letter before submitting to HSU VETS.
  • The Cal Vet Fee Waiver is a California Department of Veterans Affairs Program that waives the state tuition or fee or tuition fee (at HSU) at any UC, CSU or Community College for spouses and dependents of service-connected Disabled or deceased veterans and must renewed every summer for the new school year. At Humboldt State University: A completed CVFW Application Form DVS-40, a copy of your birth certificate, your Veteran spouse OR parent, and a copy of your recent tax return OR IRS letter of non-filing must be sent to any Veterans Service Office (VSO) in California for processing. HSU VETS requires the Authorization Letter that you should receive after your VSO has processed your paperwork. The Cal Vet Fee Waiver only waives the "Tuition Fee" at Humboldt State University. The "Campus Fees” are not covered. Once you have submitted your authorization letter to VETS, if you have paid your Applications Admission fee, we will refund the fee to you.


Admissions for veterans

HSU Office of Admissions

  • Military-affiliated students interested in attending Humboldt State have the opportunity to apply for admissions after the published deadlines. We strongly recommend you apply at least a month prior to the beginning of a term. If you do not meet the standard admissions requirements, contact the VETS office for further instructions on eligibility and a possible "Veterans Exception".


Paying for college and the Shopping Sheet

 HSU Cost Analysis for Undergraduate and Graduate Students
HSU Cost of Attendedance

  • Starting with a realistic budget to determine how you can pay for your education and still afford your expenses is a fundamental part of choosing your college and program. There are many tools available to help you with determining costs and how your benefits apply. Department of Education provides complete steps to help you get started. Create a budget, choose a school, and begin your application processes – See Getting Started above. The Department of Veterans Affairs requires that all schools provide a standardized form for you to compare costs. Humboldt State provides the “Shopping Sheet” with your financial aid award. You can access a general shopping sheet here to get estimated costs for attending Humboldt State.


Student Resources

VETS Orientation

  • This link is to your HSU portal login. Navigate to your canvas page and then find the online orientation program for Veterans and dependents who are enrolled at Humboldt State University.

VA Education Programs

  • The Montgomery GI Bill® and Post 9/11 Gi Bill® can be the best resource to find your education. Be sure and contact your school veterans office For the most current policies and advising.

     The Post 9/11 GI Bill flyer explains TRANSFERABILITY  It includes a website and numbers you can call to check eligibility: Post-9/11 Transferability.

Edith Nourse Rogers Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) Scholarship

  • Attention STEM Scholars!

    In August 2019, VA is launching the Edith Nourse Rogers STEM Scholarship program for students training in high demand STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields.

    The Rogers STEM Scholarship will provide up to nine months of additional Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits (to a maximum of $30,000) to qualifying Veterans and Fry Scholars seeking an undergraduate STEM degree or who have earned a STEM degree and are seeking a teaching certification.

Military Transcripts

  • You are required to submit a military transcript for admissions. The evaluation of your military transcripts are at the discretion of the Veterans Official. Contact the VETS office for questions about obtaining or the evaluation of your military transcript.

Air Force Transcripts

College Scorecard

  • Tool to help you look up costs and assess the value of colleges.

College Navigator

  • Tool from the National Center for Education Statistics to help you choose a college.

Veterans Housing

  • VETS has a dedicated residence for Veterans if you would like to live on campus in the newer Residence Halls. Verification of Veteran status from HSU – VETS is required after you submit your Housing application.

Outdoor Program

  • Transition from the military is no picnic. The HSU VETS Outdoor Program is based on the principles of Outward Bound: learning through experience, challenge & adventure, and a supportive environment. Join us for a week in the summer with new and continuing HSU student veterans.

Financial Help

Tuition Assistance
  • Department of Defense Program to assist with Tuition for Active duty service-members.
Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment
  • VRE's primary focus is to train veterans for a specific career based on assessments, demographics and the labor market.
Monthly Rates
  • Go here to see the VA monthly payment charts.
VA Workstudy
  • If you are collecting any of the GI Bill's® or Vocational Rehabilitation Chapter 31 benefits you may be eligible for VA work-study.
Military Affiliated Scholarships
  • Its important to note that any Scholarships that are designated "tuition specific" are deducted from the amount the VA pays for tuition and fees under the Post 9/11 GI Bill®.
Budget Advising
  • Need help setting up a budget while attending Humboldt State University?