Getting Started

If you are an active duty service member, please visit this page first.



Step 1: Apply to Cal Poly Humboldt. The deadline for each Fall semester’s registration for military-affiliated students at Humboldt is August 1st. 

Step 2: Obtain military transcripts from your branch and any previous college transcripts and submit them to us.

Requesting air force transcripts
Requesting transcripts for any other branch of the military

Step 3: Apply for Financial Aid and check out some more financial assistance tools and links.

Step 4: Apply for your Veterans Educational Benefits. You may be eligible for a range of benefits based on the timing of your service and/or your current disability status. Humboldt accepts:

Step 5a: Submit the Humboldt VETS new student Intake Form (only needed for your first semester at Humboldt) and your DD214 (member 4 copy is required for us to assign Priority Registration)

Intake Form for veterans

Intake Form for dependents

Step 5b: Submit an enrollment certification request via myHumboldt Student Center. This must be done EVERY semester you want to use your benefits. Need help with the request process? Click here to download the user guide. You must submit an updated Certification Request whenever classes are added or dropped, and you must less us know in writing that an updated request has submitted.

Step 5c: If applicable, submit your CalVet Fee Waiver Award Letter to Humboldt VETS. The CalVet Fee Waiver Award will cover the entire academic year and must be submitted before the end of the semester (cannot apply retroactively). Take into consideration that the CalVet Fee Waiver will only cover the tuition fee and will not apply towards any of the other mandatory campus fees. Note: Obtaining the award letter from your County Veteran Service Office can be a lengthy process, so get a head start on it during the summer!

Here is a table to help you remember when to submit applications and requests mentioned in step 5:

Intake Form

Submit once, before the first semester you plan to collect benefits.

Enrollment Certification Request

Submit EVERY semester you plan to collect benefits.

CalVet Fee Waiver

Submit once per academic school year.


Note: Humboldt Admissions will send you an email mid-late summer about signing up for campus orientation, including getting signed up for your first classes.

Optional: sign up for any necessary accommodations with the Student Disability Resource Center




How to Verify Enrollment for Post-9/11 GI Bill® Students